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Food & Beverage and Entertainment in Buyukada

Food & Beverage and Entertainment in Buyukada

What is eaten in Buyukada?

Those who ask to what is eaten in Buyukada will find their answers in front of them once they take a step in the island. Cafe, restaurant and fast food restaurants are seen nearly everywhere in Buyukada. You can eat toast, doner, fish or kebab in these places. Buyukada’s foods and sweets are in numerable.

Those who come to Buyukada early can have breakfast in near cafes or the square. Those who wonder the island’s breakfast will find many places to have breakfast. Moreover, Buyukada pastry shop on the square is known as best pastry shop on the island. First answer to the question what is eaten in Buyukada can be given here. The pastry shop which was opened on Tower Square in 1960 is famous with mille-feuillle patty and kinds of pastry. Rolled pastry with cream, aubergine, mille-feuillle pastries, mini moon cakes and gummy-turkish delight cookies as being most famous cookie of the pastry shop are taken to home by those who come to the island.

Restaurants and modest food corners meet visitors who come to have tour after the breakfast. Food and beverage culture of Buyukada is seen closely. Those who complete their tour prefer among restaurants on the square of Clock Tower. Buyukada presents a superb menu in terms of food. Those which are most famous and mostly preferred among foods of Buyukada :

  • Olive-oil Artichoke
  • Sardine in Vine Leaf
  • Lakerda
  • Fried Squash
  • Fasulaki Bombalaki
  • Dried Mackerel Salad
  • Fish Salad with soy sauce
  • Fish Soup
  • Roasting Fish
  • Grill Meat Ball
  • Leek with Orange
  • Olive-oil Stuffing

Moreover, cute restaurants in Buyukada hosts to those who like mussel, grilled sheep’s intestines. Meat ball& Haricot Bean Salad take place among famous foods of Buyukada. Appetizers of restaurant at the coast become quite well with live music. Tastes that hotels present are also important among foods of Buyukada. We make people taste both the island’s tastes and also important appetizers of Turk food culture to our guests in our Secret Garden Restaurant as Ada Palas.

Buyukada Donut

When it is said what is eaten in Buyukada, excellent taste of donut comes into mind. Place of donut among Buyukada sweets is different. You can easily find the counter frying fresh donut in summer-winter on the square. Hot and crispy donuts are one of tastes which is most famous and to be tasted in Buyukada.

Historical Romaic Ice Cream

If you see an ice cream cone in hand of nearly eveyone on the island, definitely, do not be surprised. The island is known with famous person who makes Romaic ice cream. Our essential suggestion is Buyukada ice cream to those who wonder what is eaten in Buyukada. There are wide options from croquant to chestnut, from walnut to Turkish coffee.

Coffee Pleasure in The Island

If foods of Buyukada feed you, it means that it is time to have pleasure. You can have a rest in Starbucks or other coffee makers on the island. If you wish, you can get rest as opposite to view of sea in cafes on the coast.

In order to know food and beverage culture of Buyukada closely, it will not enough to come to the island in one time. It will require to explore famous tastes and advised places when you come here in each time.

How is fun had in Buyukada?

Büyükada makes those who come to the island happy with its night life as well as its foods. Bars of Buyukada are seen mostly in Pier and Gulistan Avenue. Night life of Buyukada is formed with its coast places.

Bars and restaurants of Buyukada that live music culture is common make their guests pleased with appetizers culture. If you say how fun is had, where fun is had, you can take advantage of the following list.

  • Iskele Cafe
  • Lunapark Gasino
  • Prinkipo Restaurant (Taverna, Bar)
  • Güven Cafe
  • By Sukr
  • Lavie Cafe
  • Yücetepe Kir Casino
  • Ipek’s Cafe
  • Crespo Cafe
  • Altinfici Beer House
  • Fayton Cafe

While places of Buyukada provide that guests of the island have more enjoyful during their holiday, they provide calmness also. Night life of Buyukada does not consist only of coast bars and also tea drink as opposite to sea , nice conversations are among entertainment perception of the island. It is possible to have an enjoyable holiday in any way in Buyukada.

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