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Prinkipos In Past And Today’s Prince’s Islands

First findings on the last of Buyukada was seen with excavations which were made in first years of The Republic and traces about B.C. 300 years were found. Old name of this land that it was under the thumb of Byzantine Empire and you can easily see traces of Rum culture is Prinkipos which means Prince in romaic. Largest and most beautiful of these lands which have been recently known prince islands is Buyukada.

This land passed to Ottoman with the conquest of Istanbul after long -term sovereignty of Byzantine. Buyukada which was a countryside with its little population with the first years of The Republic period have turned into a beaten track especially at the weekends for Istanbul’s people since 70’s.

Life in Buyukada

Definitely, most beautiful thing which will make you happy is that you will not hear motor sound in this magic place full with historical buildings and mansions. You can lead a life of pleasure and have a perfect tour in Buyukada as getting in a phaeton at phaeton station on the square or renting a bicycle from bicyclers that you will see them at each corner or if you have too much time, making long walkings.

You can taste donut sweet and the island’s ice cream which are specific to Buyukada, you can have your dinner with birds’ sounds and smell of sea at restaurants which are in an order at the coast, you can lead a life of pleasure of sea at Buyukada’s beaches which are indispensable of hot summer days.

Religious buildings and historic mansions which require to be seen as touring in Buyukada;

✓ Aya Yorgi Monastery and Church
✓ Rum Orphanage ( The largest woody building in Europe )
✓ Trocki’s House
✓ Hristos Monastery and Church
✓ Aya Nikola Monastery and Church
✓ Hamidiye Mosque ( it was gotten by Sultan Abdulhamit II. )
✓ Aya Dimitri Church
✓ Panoyla Church
✓ The House where Resat Nuri Guntekin lived
✓ Funfair and Viranbag casino
✓ Culture House of Buyukada (Fabiato mansion)
✓ Con Pasa Mansion
✓ Sabuncakis Mansion
✓ Mizzi Mansion
✓ Sofranios Mansion
✓ Agopyan Mansion
✓ Vatican Housing
✓ Surp Asdvadzadzin Church
✓ Hesed Le Avraam Synagogue
✓ San Pacificio latin church
✓ Aya Todari Sacrarium
✓ Mavi Kulup Hocapulos Mansion

Beaches of Buyukada

✓ Yorukali
✓ Seferoglu facilities
✓ Değirmen tesisleri
✓ The front part of water sports club
✓ Prenses bay
✓ Aya Nikola
✓ Naki
✓ Dilburnu picnic area

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