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Buyukada Phaeton and Bicycle Tours

Büyükada Fayton ve Bisiklet Turları

There are two activities that Buyukada is identified with them. These are: phaeton and bicycle tours. Everyone who comes to Buyukada makes phaeton tour or bicycle tour. Each of them kas got a different beauty. Guests have got enjoyable times with tour opportunities that provide to go from one side to another in Buyukada.

Buyukada Phaeton Tours

Ada is enjoed with phaeton tours. Colorful phaetons pass through streets with sounds of horseshoes.

Buyukada phaeton tours have got a tour route which has got most beautiful points of the island from the square that they is horses.

Buyukada phaeton tours are divided into two tours as big and small tours. While small tour takes one hour, big tour takes one and half hour. Places that you will see with Buyukada phaeton tours:

  • Cankaya Avenue
  • Splendid Palas Hotel
  • Lunapark Square
  • Hotel Calypso
  • Buyukada Anatolian Club
  • Surp Asdvadzadzin Church
  • Eski Cankaya Hotel
  • Fabiato Mansion
  • Turing House
  • Con Pasa Mansion
  • Trocki Mansion
  • Hacopolu Mansion
  • Seferoglu (Azaryan) Mansion

Buyukada phaeton tours ends at the point that phaetons take you. As there is not any station during the tour, those who want to take photo should be quick.

Buyukada Phaeton Tariff

Car Square District Governorship 8,00 TL.
Car Square Beach And Around 9,0 TL.
Car Square Nedim Dorsal, Şemsi Mol. Çarkıfelek Seferoğlu – Nakibey – Mimoza Street 11,50 TL.
Car Square Nakibey (Beach) – Mimoza Street – Maden Karakolu – Maden Grocer 14,00 TL.
Car Square Nizam Houses 16,00 TL.
Car Square Maden Houses 18,00 TL.
Car Square Güzel Sanatlar – Kadıyoran Street 19,00 TL.
Car Square Karadağ – Misak Street – Mosque End 19,00 TL.
Car Square TGraveyard Of Turks 22,00 TL.
Car Square Dil Burnu (Picnic Area) 26,00 TL.
Car Square Aşıklar – Yörükali (Beach) 26,00 TL.
Car Square Türkoğlu 24,00 TL.
Car Square Funfair – Blue Club – Forest Camp 29,00 TL.
Car Square Yıldırım Sports Center 20,00 TL.
Car Square Ayanikola Club 21,00 TL.
Car Square Prenses Beach 34,00 TL.
Car Square Small Tour – Viranbağ Club 67,00 TL.
Car Square Long Tour (70 – 75 Minutes) 79,00 TL.

Enjoyable Island Tour By Bicycle Tours

As there is forbidden to use vehicle in Buyukada, bicycle use is common among people. Guests who come to the island go around Buyukada as renting bicycle.

Bicycle tours present comfort to start from the point that you rent bicycle. We suggest you to go around the island by bicycle tours rather than phaeton tours. So you make Sports and also attend in most enjoyable activity. Only, it requires not to forget that the island has got many slopes. Climbing to hills of the island can tire you especially on summer season.

If you think to bring your personal bicycle to the island, it will be more economic option. However, do not forget that there are bicycle renting places on each corner on the island. You can have an enjoyable tour as you take rules to renting. Prices are generally parallel with all renting shops but ask price from a few place even so. Do not reduce your budget so that we will make a bicycle tour.

There is not a certain direction which is determined for bicycle tour but users of bicycle go on generally as following the road of phaeton. But this case does not cause enjoyable results. You can go on side streets rather than the road of phaeton tour for an easier using. Route of bicycle tour:

There are two nice bicycle tracks in Buyukada. Those who wish prefer big tour with 14 kilometers, those who wish prefer small tour with 12 kilometers. You can have an enjoyable riding experience among trees on 12 – kilometers road with small tour.

You should pay attention on rules to have enjoyable time during bicycle tours. As there are many pedestrians and phaetons, you should pay attention on riding rules in order not to cause any accident. So your vacation does not become a nightmare.

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