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Ambulatories in Buyukada – Buyukada’s Hidden Beauties

Ambulatories in Buyukada - Buyukada's Hidden Beauties

Ambulatories in Buyukada which is largest and most beautiful among the prince’s islands are precious beauties in the island’s quite and calm ambience. Ambulatories in Buyukada that we have witnessed transculturation of Rum and Turk through the history, beautiful sights can be different for everyone.

Manastir Hill is at north part of Buyukada which its old name was Prinkipos, Yucetepe is at its south part. This mournful and beautiful island which has witnessed exiles and hosted to statesmen and highbrows through the history has become beaten track of tourists in thousands nowadays.

When you come to Buyukada, you will see that domestic and foreign tourists in hundreds come to explore the island. Once you get off steamer, you will start your tour as seeing Buyukada Clock Tower at the port’s square. If you come to the island for one day, you should previously prepare your list for ambulatories of Buyukada. Those who plan a tour with accommodation will also learn ambulatories in Buyukada during the vacation.

You can taste foods of Buyukada at surrounding restaurant as having a break after Clock Tower that you meet firstly and if you wish, you can go on your tour as joining to crowded. Ambulatories in Buyukada amid deep blue sea and our suggestions to you:

Aya Yorgi Church and Monastery

When ambulatories of Buyukada are said, Aya Yorgi Church and Monastery come to mind. Even if the church’s road at the hill tires you, the beauty which you will meet is worth to your fatigue. It is gone to the church at the hill to pray between 23 April and 24 September. According to people’s beliefs, it requires to grant as olive oil to the church if your wish is accepted. The church which is at the highest point on the island is focal points of those who have a tour in Buyukada.

Rum Orphanage

Rum orphanage which is largest woody building of world and have still remained with all its magnificence is a place which should be at the head of your route for ambulatories in Buyukada. This orphanage will fascinate you with its different architecture and stories that it has got.

Resat Nuri Guntekin’s House

Famous Turk novelist’s house should be at your list for ambulatories of Buyukada. You can see daily life of the author at the house which is next to the island’s museum.

Muslims’ Graveyard

It is a graveyard in Tepekoy. Known persons who lie under the sod;

  • Aliye Berger
  • Mahmut Emin Koral
  • Dogan Avcioglu
  • Sakir Pasa
  • Tahsin Nahid
  • Ibrahim Necmi Dilmen
  • Abdullah pasa
  • Ahmed Refik Altinay
  • Ahmed Fehim.

One of places which will mostly affect you among ambulatories in Buyukada is this place.

Greek – Orthodox Graveyard

It is upper sides of the road through the monastery. Graves of Patrik Hrisantos and Empress Irene are in this graveyard. It informs you widely about the history of Buyukada.

Church Of The Virgin Mary (Our Lady Church)

Meryem Ana Church is a magnificent church that you need not to forget at your list for ambulatories of Buyukada. The church which is said as Panayia is worth to see with its architecture and bell tower.

Hamidiye Mosque

The mosque which was gotten by Abdulhamit II. is one of four mosques at the island.


Adakule is Yucetepe. If you wish, you can eat something at the tower or lead a life of pleasure for view. Those who have a tour to Buyukada are advised especially for this place.

Islands Museum

İslands museum is one of important places which you need to see in Buyukada. You will have a wide information on the history of the island’s history. Exiles, migrations, foods, music and so on…

Historic Mansions

When ambulatories of Buyukada are said, historic mansions will be common reply that eveybody gives indeed.

Buildings belonging to 19. and 20. century wait to be explored with all their magnificences and architectures in details. They dream of eveybody visiting the island with their wide gardens and balconies in flower.

Our suggestions and tour list for ambulatories of Buyukada are like that. If you wish, you can value your time better as preparing a list before going to the island. Time will elapse like water on the island.

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